Photo courtesy of InsidePress

Congratulations to Alexa Troob, a 11th grader at Horace Greeley, for winning the Linda J. Zhang Award for Writing Achievement. Throughout her high school years, Alexa has consistently participated in the Young Writers Contest and has won awards in all three categories. As an intern at The Inside Press, she has utilized her talent to write articles, including one about Chappaqua Library’s 100th Anniversary Celebration last June.

Furthermore, Alexa actively employs her writing skill to advocate for the environment and global climate change. In 2021, as a freshman at Greeley, she emerged as a Pulitzer Center finalist in the highly competitive Pulitzer Center “Local Letters for Global Change writing contest”. Among more than 800 entrants from all over the US and multiple countries, her letter to Representative Jones on impact of climate changes and proposals for actions was one of only 18 selected.

Alexa received this prestigious Linda J. Zhang Award for Writing Achievement at the Young Writers’ Contest award ceremony, took place on June 1st, 2023 at the Chappaqua Library. Ms. Cathy Paulsen, head of Teen Services of the Chappaqua Library, introduced the award, established in 2021 by Linda J. Zhang Memorial Foundation in collaboration with the Young Writers Contest, the Friends and the Chappaqua Library, as a tribute to Linda J. Zhang. This annual award consists of a cash prize to the winner and a matching donation by the foundation on the winner’s behalf to a charitable environmental organization selected by the winner. Linda J. Zhang Foundation will also showcase an environmental-themed writing piece by the winner.